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Crown Roadmax Synthetic 6000

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Place of Origin: United Arab Emirates
Quantity: Not Specified
Packaging: 1L, 4L, 5L & 205L
Price: Not Specified
Classification: Chemicals - Petroleum Products: Lubricant
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Crown roadmax synth 6000


Crown Roadmax Synth 6000 is a highly shear-stable, fully Synthetic multigrade oil for gasoline engines, including the turbocharged and multi-valve engines, recommended for most severe driving conditions (racing, motorways and dense city traffic).

This oil is formulated from selected fully synthetic base oils with the latest additive technology incorporated into this oil, synergized with synthetic base oil, ensures outstanding stability, improved flow properties and excellent performance.

•Maximizes engine life through out-standing wear and deposit control under the most severe high and low temperature operating condition.
•Reduces maintenance costs by maximizing the drain intervals, resisting oil degradation and protection against resultant engine damage under most severe high-temperature conditions.
•Protects against start up wear through exceptional low temperature fluidity.
•Minimizes oil consumption under all operating conditions through superior viscosity retention and the use of all-synthetic, very low volatility base oils.

Performance Standards

•Api Cf/Cf-2/Sf
•Acea A3/B3-98
•Mb 229.1
•Vw 501/505

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